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Chortiatis, Thessaloniki

Ski touring in Thessaloniki on Chortiatis.

Mount Chortiatis or Hortiatis (Greek: Όρος Χορτιάτη, Χορτιάτης), known in Antiquity as Cissus (Ancient Greek: Κισσός) or Kissos, is a mountain in Central MacedoniaGreece. It rises southeast of Thessaloniki, peaking at 1,201 metres. The mountain’s landscape is wooded, with part of these woods making up Thessaloniki’s Seich Sou Forest National Park.

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Mount Athos (The Holy Mountain)

Approaching Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain, by sea taxi.

Mount Athos skiing and split-boarding report.

Athos in Greek mythology is the name of one of the Gigantes that challenged the Greek gods during the Gigantomachia. Athos threw a massive rock against Poseidon, which fell in the Aegean sea and became Mount Athos. According to another version of the story, Poseidon used the mountain to bury the defeated giant.

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Mount Olympos (The Pantheon)

Ski touring on Mount Olympos.

Skiing on Mount Olympos

Skiing on Mount Olympos in Greece is like nothing you’ve lived before. This short film features Mike Styllas, one of the refuge guardian on Mt Olympos. Up until a few years ago, the refuge on Mount Olympos were completely closed during winter. Several of the refuge guardians, Mike included, realized the potential for ski mountaineering and Continue reading Mount Olympos (The Pantheon)