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Ski Touring in Greece


This Blog is more of an online guide,

Why visit Greece for ski touring? Because Greece is a place that inspires the human soul. Certainly, for skiers and snowboarders, to visit the same mountains that you learned about as a child is an experience that is completely unique. Imagine spending the night on Mt Olympos, waking up to the sunrise across the Aegean sea, then skiing a run right next to the Throne of Zeus. It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else on the planet!

Greece is a country dominated by local micro-climates. As a result, the conditions in the mountains vary widely from winter to winter. From the northern region of Macedonia to the island of Crete, you’ll find every type of snow condition imaginable. This guide should only be used as a reference for what is possible for ski touring in the mountains of Greece. If you are serious about planning your own adventure to explore the Greek mountains and would like more information, please send a message. We are happy to provide assistance.