Frozen Ambrosia - Digital Download

A winter adventure film about skiing, snowboarding, hiking and mountaineering on Mount Olympos and the mountains of Greece. This one of a kind documentary gives new light to a side of the country that most never knew existed.

Locations: Mount Olympos, Velouchi, Karpenisi, Tymfi, Astraka, Parnassos, Psiloritis, Crete, 3-5 Pigadia, Vasilitsa, Smolikas, Tzoumerka, Dirfys, Evia

Featuring: Mike Styllas, George Klaoudatos, George Rokas, Dimitris Papakonstantinou, George Ouzounis, Nektarios Kolokythas, Kostas Leloudis, Ilias Zacharakis, Dimitris Batzios, Gerasimos Avramides, Nikos Aggelis, George Seitanidis, Lila Klaoudatou, Yannis Kotileas, Alexandros Panagakos, Dimitris Managas, Athanasios Zapros

Written, Produced & Directed By: Constantine Papanicolaou

  • Runtime: 97 Minutes

  • Format: 1920X1080 MP4

  • Dialogue: English, Greek and a bit of French

  • Subtitles: English, Greek, German, Italian, French, Spanish

***Embedded subtitles are turned on/off in the media player.  All other subtitles are hardcoded. Check first to make sure your player supports embedded subtitles, or download a supporter player such as VLC, KMPlayer or Quicktime.  If not, choose your preferred language.  SRT files also available upon request.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Unique and beautiful

    beautifully made movie, uncovers a little known side of Greece, blended with a touching personal story


    Frozen Ambrosia - Digital Download


    Awesome movie! Nice views nice people!

    Nice movie

    Nice movie for Greek mountains and Greece from a professional !!

    Great cinematography and story though some weaknesses

    Hi CP!
    First of all I would like to applaud and thank you for this initiative. It's so sweet when I see people giving back.The film was great. The cinematography was incredible. But it wasn't just great plans. There was a beautiful story too! (I hope you are doing well on your health :) In fact the plans and pictures were so great that i wished that there were captions with the locations!
    Thank you for this amazing work!
    There were also a couple of areas I struggled with. First one is that there was a bit too much focus on problems. I do understand Greece is distressed, but I was hoping for a little more positivity somewhere. It reminded me the typical Greek issue. We are complainers. Never focusing on a solution and only on problems. Secondly; I found the attack on heli skiing on Olympos dissapointing. I also prefer quiet, simplicity and not a big fun of helicopters where I climb. However; I understand that one of the aims of this film is to put Greece on the winter holidays radar internationally, which would call for investors. It would be ok of course if once in the film an opinion was expressed against heli skiing in Olympos. But an attack of 3 people against heli skiing and things like 'heli skiing is for lazy people' etc? I do not see any issue with small businesses offering heli skiing in Greece. Greece is small, it will be nearly impossible (for many reasons) to become a winter holidays hotspot like the Alps or Colorado. A small heli ski company would be be advertising its cool to heli ski from the mountain of the Gods even if its a bit tacky. If we ever end up having too many heli rides that annoy mountaineers then that would be a nice problem to have :) Perhaps we could lobby with the climbing associations to set up limits. Something like the wilderness areas in the US. Only 10 people a day, lottery systems etc. There was a bit of unnecessary crucifixion of heli skiing in this film which comes as a disappointment.
    Other than that - great work man!


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