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Psiloritis, Crete

Ski touring in Psiloritis, Crete

Psiloritis (known as Mount Ida in ancient times), holds a special place in the ancient mythology. The mountain was believe to be the cradle of Zeus. Zeus, along with his five siblings, were in great danger from their father, Kronos, after their birth. Kronos had been given a prophecy that one day his children would overthrow him and assume his throne.

The siblings could not be saved. Kronos ate them. However, to protect Zeus, his mother hid him in a cave on Psiloritis. Here he was nursed on goat’s milk and honey, while protected by a group of wild mountain gods know as the Kouretes, who drowned out the baby’s crying by clanging their swords against their shields. Finally, upon reaching adulthood, Zeus confronted his father. After forcing him to disgorge the trapped siblings, he killed Kronos and became the new rulers of the universe.

In the eons of time since, very little has changed on Psiloritis. The mountain is completely undeveloped aside from a few roads. There’s just enough there to get you to the base. The rest is up to you!

For the full story about skiing in Crete, watch the feature film Crete Arising.

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Winter in Greece

One of the most surprising things about Greece is how close the mountains are to the major cities. Three quarters of the county lives within a 2 hour drive of world class backcountry ski touring. Due to the recent break-though in ultra lightweight gear, Greece has become a world-class destination for ski touring and split-boarding.

Greece is a place that inspires the human soul. Certainly, for skiers and snowboarders, to visit the same mountains that you learned about as a child is an experience that is completely unique. Imagine spending the night on Mt Olympos, waking up to the sunrise across the Aegean sea, then skiing run right next to the Throne of Zeus. It’s magic! It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

To watch the full winter adventure in Greece, check out the feature film Frozen Ambrosia.