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Spring Skiing in Karpenissi

Spring skiing in Karpenissi, Greece. Another winter ski season in Greece comes to an end. It was a good season, with almost 5 months of continuous fun on the snow. Most of my winter was spent in Crete. As you may already be aware, I’ve been working on the next Frozen Ambrosia film, set entirely in Crete. The conditions on the island were more difficult than the rest of Greece. Nevertheless a great film is coming together and with some luck should be ready by next winter.

Since I started the Frozen Ambrosia project it’s become a tradition for me at the end of the winter to make a trip for spring skiing in Karpenissi in Central Greece. Karpenissi is the perfect place to enjoy one last big descent before returning home to California for the summer. In Greece, we call these long patches of snow “chionouras,” which translates as “snow tails.” The feeling though is bittersweet. Because, as much fun as they are, it’s always sad to watch the winter melt away.

I shot the footage in the above clip last week on the north slopes of Tymfristos, which rises to a summit elevation of 2315m (7595ft) directly above Karpenissi. These gullies offer some of the best spring skiing of any place I’ve visited. They’re truly world-class, and another great example of the hidden potential that exists in Greece during the winter and spring seasons.

Thanks to the Velouchi Freeski Team for organizing the trip.

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